Select Bibliography of Embedded Online Works


  • Frederick S. Tappenden McGill University
  • Bradley N. Rice McGill University


Electronic editions of ancient texts—both recent and past scholarly publications—are a rapidly growing body of online literature. In this Select Bibliography, we present the complete list of online, open-access scholarly works that are linked in the Coming Back to Life essays. In providing this bibliography we hope to facilitate better, easier access to the growing body of digital scholarly resources available online.

Author Biographies

Frederick S. Tappenden, McGill University

Frederick S. Tappenden is a faculty lecturer at McGill University, where he teaches in the areas of New Testament and Christian origins. His research focuses on Paul and the reception of Paul in the opening centuries of the Common Era. He is the author of Resurrection in Paul: Cognition, Metaphor, and Transformation (SBL Press, 2016), coeditor of the forthcoming Cognitive Science in Biblical Interpretation (Sheffield Phoenix), and author of several articles on resurrection in early Christianity and ancient Judaism. Dr. Tappenden also maintains the website, Texts & Translations, which serves as a hub for online, open-access editions of ancient Mediterranean writings.

Bradley N. Rice, McGill University

Bradley N. Rice is a doctoral candidate in New Testament and early Christianity at McGill University, where his research centers on Christian Apocrypha. He is a founding member of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL) as well as developer/coeditor of the bibliographic project e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha. He has authored several articles on early Christian language and literature, and previously served as associate editor of the Contexticon of New Testament Language.





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